A well-known manufacturer of string instruments and amplifiers, Fender provides many products that will add a vintage style to your home with ease. From electric and bass guitars to telecasters, Stratocasters, and more, they have been designing high-quality instruments for decades. Having been founded in 1946, this brand has lived through the best years of Rock and Roll and has developed many great looks inspired by legends from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Whether you are looking for a vintage decor piece or want to enjoy an authentic, classic musical experience, you will find the perfect fit with Fender.

This brand has remained one of the first and most successful manufacturers of electric guitars; they have provided innovation with models such as their solid-body electric guitars that are still played around the world to this day. If you have an eye for superior design and craftsmanship, you will love every instrument you find in our Fender collection. Not only will they deliver quality sound with exceptional performance day in and day out, but they also have great styles inspired by Rock legends throughout history. Enjoy a completely authentic Rock and Roll experience when you use one of the world’s oldest and most influential brands.

There are many looks to help you find a style you will love in our collection of Fender instruments. With many designs inspired directly by famous musicians of the past, they will be instantly recognizable for the vintage style you love. We also have the amps, guitar straps, and other accessories that will complete your look. Take a break from the standard designs of modern instruments and enjoy the best designs of decades past, With this remarkable brand, you are sure to find options that will stand out from the crowd and deliver a unique and powerful experience every day.

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FENDER - "Acoustic-Electric Resonator Bass Guitar"

Get back to the roots with the marvelous tone of the meticulously crafted Fender FR-50 Resonator Gui..


FENDER - "Acoustic-Electric Resonator Guitar"

The Fender FR55 Metal Resonator Guitar produces the lilting sounds and evokes the lush tra..


FENDER - "Guitar Strap"

Fender Guitar strap. Quality Fender product. Black backing with brown and yellow embroidery ..


FENDER - "Precision Bass"

Fender Precision Bass.The Pete Wentz Precision Bass® guitar is a darkly beautiful instrument tha..


FENDER - "SP.10 Amp"

The Squier SP-10 amp controls include volume, treble, bass, and an overdrive on/off button that deli..


FENDER - "Squire Stratocaster Obey"

Fender Squire Stratocaster, Standard Series, Obey Graphics • Frets:22 • Bodyshape: Squire..


FENDER - "Squire Stratocaster Signed by Buckcherry"

Fender Squire Stratocaster, Standard Series, Signed by the Band Buckcherry Frets:22 Bodyshape: S..


FENDER - "Squire Stratocaster"

Fender Squire Stratocaster, Affinity Series • Frets:21 • Bodyshape: Squire Stratocaster &..


FENDER - "Squire Stratocaster"

Fender Squire Stratocaster, Standard Series • Frets:22 • Bodyshape: Squire Stratocaster &..


FENDER - "Squire Telecaster Obey"

Fender Squire Telecaster Obey, Standard Series  Basswood body with gloss polyurethane finish..


FENDER - "Squire Telecaster Thinline"

What a looker! The Classic Vibe Telecaster® Thinline is part of a storied electric guitar..


FENDER - "Squire Telecaster, Deryck Whibley"

Squier's uber-cool artist signature model is the Artist Series Deryck Whibley Telecaster® gu..


FENDER - "Stratocaster"

Fender Stratocaster, Black with a White pickgaurd. • Frets:22 • Bodyshape: Stratocaster &..


FENDER - "Stratocaster"

Fender Stratocaster, Deluxe Series • Frets:21 • Bodyshape: Stratocaster • Serial #: ..


FENDER - "Stratocaster"

Fender Stratocaster, with DaVinci Graphics • Frets:22 • Bodyshape: Stratocaster • Se..


FENDER - "Telecaster"

Fender Telecaster, Distressed finish • Frets:22 • Bodyshape: Telecaster • Serial #: ..


FENDER - "Telecaster, Bruce Springsteen"

Fender Telecaster, As played by Bruce Springsteen. In a fantastic butter blonde color. Frets:21 ..


ROBERT TAYLOR - "Signed-Jo Wood-Acoustic"

Robert Taylor Acoustic Autographed By Bodyshape: Acoustic Serial #:20021031312 Made in USA Sig..


FENDER - "Fender Custom Shop Print"

From Banksy to Jamie Reid (Sex Pistols). From John Lennon to Shepard Fairey and beyond as well as lo..


FENDER - "Squire Stratocaster"

Fender Squire Stratocaster Frets:21 Bodyshape: Stratocaster Serial #: CY07092822 Made in..