Men's Long Sleeve Shirts

Create a new style that is completely cool and shows off your hip personality using our wide selection of men’s long sleeve shirts. We have many different options from our signature collections that will help you enjoy the look you love every day. All of our products are also carefully crafted to ensure comfort and durability, so you can feel as great as you look every day of the year. Find your new favorite vintage look among our popular clothing lines and you can fill out your wardrobe with the styles you love in no time.

Specifically designed to honor the signature style of 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s Rock and Roll, our Da Vinci collection has tons of men’s long sleeve shirts that you will love. Many different looks are possible, from classic stripes to polka dot, fleur de lis and more. Enjoy a vintage contrasting piping on the button placket that will give you an unmistakable style. This is a collection that will help you show off a hip Californian lifestyle while also giving you the attitude and sophistication of someone who enjoys a more classic fashion.

For an, even more, traditional look, our vintage Lennon & McCartney Collection has some many highly popular men’s long sleeve shirts. From stylized cuffs to various print patterns, you can find a look that matches you perfectly. These vintage style shirts take inspiration from the musical legends themselves, helping you create a look that you will love every day. You are certain to look cool and confident when you design your style using our vintage designed shirts, with a look that everyone will instantly recognize as a classic. 

All of our men’s long sleeve shirts are made from the finest materials. Enjoy a completely comfortable feel with our soft cotton, while also knowing that your shirts are perfectly durable. They can be easily machine washed and will last for years, so you can rest assured that you are purchasing high-quality clothing that will be a staple piece of your wardrobe for many days to come.

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